LVL Collective was founded by two sisters based in Los Angeles & San Francisco. Inspired by the California desert, ocean and unique healing properties of crystals, we take pride in handcrafting products to bring a bit of magic into your everyday.



All of our jewelry, ritual kits, and macrame hangings are made in Los Angeles. 

Our candles are hand-poured in small batches in San Francisco with all natural coconut wax, our own custom blends of fine fragrance oils, and natural raw crystals.



Plated jewelry can tarnish with wear. We do not recommended wearing it while showering, swimming, sleeping, working out, or washing your hands. If you have allergies or are sensitive to brass, we do not recommend wearing plated jewelry.

Please be aware that certain stones may fade in sunlight or darken when exposed to chemicals such as lotions, perfumes or hairspray. We recommend washing the crystals with gentle soap and water to maintain their appearance. Make sure to dry completely before wearing or storing.


+ + CRYSTALS + +

Crystals and gemstones can balance your mental, physical and emotional energy through their vibrations. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies determined by their unique crystalline structures. These vibrations align with your body's energy centers, or chakras, bringing them into balance.


+ + CHAKRAS + +

Chakras are energy centers that connect your physical body with your higher consciousness. The seven main chakras, represented by spinning wheels of color along the spine, correspond to different parts of the nervous system. Wearing crystals can help balance these energy centers, bringing your body and energy into alignment.


root chakra

1 | Root (base of spine) - connection to the earth.

survival + security + strength

sacral chakra

2 | Sacral (lower abdomen) - creative center of the body.

abundance + creativity + sexuality

solar plexus chakra

3 | Solar Plexus (upper abdomen) - source of personal power.

confidence + control + self-worth

heart chakra

4 | Heart (chest) - ability to love.

compassion + love + inner peace

throat chakra

5 | Throat (throat) - ability to communicate.

expression + truth + communication

third eye chakra

6 | Third Eye (forehead) - inner vision.

intuition + imagination + wisdom

crown chakra

7 | Crown (crown of head) - connection to higher consciousness.

spirituality + intuition + conscious awareness




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